Standing Up for Racial Equality

Standing Up for Racial Equality


Recent events and related news stories about race-related issues and #BlackLivesMatter have brought to the forefront issues that have existed in this country throughout history. Although these issues may get more attention these days, standing up for racial equality is not a trend. It should not be a reaction but a way of life and an attitude that individuals and companies care about every day.


CBD Influx supports the Black Lives Matter movement, stands firm against the racist and segregationist ideas that have too long affected our country and all people in it, and will continue our efforts to support everyone and treat them fairly now and into the future.


We Support a Higher Standard


As the country tries to undo centuries of racial inequality, it is not enough simply say, "stop being racist" or "be kind to each other." While these things are essential parts of moving forward in a more positive way, they are not enough in the face of the horrifically unjust actions and attitudes that still affect millions of people every day.


Our company is ready to take a stand to support higher standard of racial equality and equity in this country. We understand it takes more than quietly sitting by and not being part of the problem. It is essential that we step up and make our voices heard on behalf of those who have been far too long ignored and silenced. We know giving Black voices an audience, a platform, and all possible support is vital to the shift this country so desperately needs.


There are so many things that the country, businesses, and individuals can do to make the type of lasting change so desperately needed. Speaking out and listening are important. However, taking direct action against racism and prejudicial practices is even more so.


Support Black people, companies, and organizations with actions and financial contributions more than just words. Seek out opportunities to get involved with programs or organizations that are truly doing something to make a difference. Educate others about more than just current events. Educate yourself about the insidious nature of racism in the country.


CBD Influx Supports Black Lives Matter


If we are truly to live in a world where everyone is treated with respect, quality, and the appreciation they deserve, we must show up and stand up in support. It can be difficult to go out on a limb and take a chance to speak out against injustice, but we must emulate the type of courage displayed by those who are discriminated against show every day.


CBD Influx stands together with all those fighting for the rights that others have enjoyed due to their privilege and position. We express solidarity with those who have experienced racial prejudice and the effects of an in equitable system. We will do everything in our power to take actions against racism now and for as long as it takes to change the world for the better.