How Much CBD Oil Should I Take? Customize Your Dosage

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take? Customize Your Dosage


On my prescription medication that has precise dosing information given to you by your physician or nutritional supplements that clearly state how much to take on the bottle, CBD oil does not have one single recommended dosage. If you want to know how much CBD oil I should take, you need to look at a variety of factors.


Ask yourself these questions when customizing your dosage:


  • What health or wellness issues am I using CBD oil for?
  • What results do I want from adding CBD to my health regimen?
  • Is there a level when CBD gets dangerous or unhealthful?


CBD Oil Dosages for Different Health Issues


When it comes to customizing your dosage of the premium CBD Influx oil products, the general rule is to take as little as possible for maximum efficacy. After all, there is no reason to waste oil if you get the help you need from less.


How much CBD oil you end up using depends in part on what health or wellness issue you are trying to treat. These natural cannabinoids help with physical pain, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and many more issues. If you want temporary relief from sore joints, for example, you need to take less at one time than if you want to manage insomnia or social anxiety, which would require ongoing dosages.


Desired Results With CBD Influx Oil


Finding out how much you should take involves a bit of trial and error. Start at one milligram or less, try it for a few days, and then increase as needed until you get the desired results. This process requires careful tracking of how much CBD you take and when so you can make increases intelligently.


If, for example, you are taking full spectrum drops for anxiety issues, you may start the day off with 10 milligrams and then use five milligrams at certain points throughout the day to maintain a calmer demeanor. Ultimately, the number of milligrams you end up using depends on how it affects you over time.


Things like body weight, metabolism, and your unique body chemistry also affect how much CBD you should take.


Does CBD Oil Have Side Effects?


As CBD oil becomes more popular with the general public, more scientific studies have been done about it. While they find the health benefits impressive, they have also identified some possible side effects. These, which include appetite changes, digestive issues, and fatigue, were only seen when the study participants took very large doses of cannabinoids.


As long as you purchase these types of products made with 100% natural ingredients and carefully chosen hemp compounds, such as those sold at CBD Influx, you do not have to worry about dangerous side effects from poor-quality products or those with unhealthy additives.


When it comes to determining how much CBD oil you should take, the end results matter more than the initial dosage. Use exceptional products, start with fewer milligrams, and build up over time until you feel the relief from pain, insomnia, anxiety, and other health issues every day.